We began our quest for our Victoria home a few years ago and one of the first things we did was search for a competent realtor via the internet.  That’s how we ‘discovered’ Melina Boucher.  Her website is very thorough and served as an excellent introduction to her, her brokerage and her professional services. We met Melina in person on one of our visits to Victoria and were instantly taken with her.  We liked her manner; her patience, her caring attitude and the informed way she responded to all our questions.   She found time to tour us about and show us some properties fully aware that we were not in the ‘buying mode’ yet.  From afar, Melina kept in regular touch with us and sent us listings’ information that fit our buying parameters.  She helped us understand the dynamics of the Victoria market so much so, that this spring, we got serious about purchasing.  Melina guided us through our Victoria purchase.   Several times negotiations got snagged.  Combined with her adept negotiating skills and years of experience, Melina clarified things and the deal got done on time and to our satisfaction.  Overall, we would recommend Melina Boucher to anyone looking to buy (or sell) in the Victoria real estate market.  She is an excellent realtor.  More importantly, she is an excellent person!

L. and K. Howe

Pinch Me! I really do live in vibrant Victoria. Not only that, I live in a house that is perfectly suited to my needs, wants and desires. I partially attribute my good fortune to Melina. Melina you are amazing! Thanks for listening so carefully to our needs and wants, even as they morphed and changed. You stayed connected to us during the process, making adjustments with kindness, consideration and intelligence. I felt that we were in good hands every step of the way. I particularly appreciated your prompt responses. Since purchasing a house can be quite emotional, it was reassuring to hear from you almost immediately. Heightened emotions don't often lend themselves to the cultivation of patience, and you seemed to really understand this and act accordingly. Your attentiveness was demonstrated in a variety of ways; all of which I continue to appreciate. I have deep gratitude for you and your services.

Dr. L Rosenberg

My dealings with Melina went beyond the anticipated professional relationship. Melina said from the beginning that she would assist us throughout the process and beyond...and she certainly did that. She professionally represented us through the selling process by presenting a folio reflecting an expected market value and a taylor-made contract that met our personal situation. We were presented regular updates and, as we are from out of town, provided assistance in ensuring all transactions and unexpected circumstances were efficiently handled. I am sure the buyer would have been pleased as only due to Melina's liaison were questions answered so quickly and thoroughly. As selling your home is known to be one of the most anxiety arousing situations people are exposed to, it is nice to know that Melina was there to reduce this stress.Thank you Melina.

J. and J. Colmer

We were so fortunate to find Melina while selling our first home and searching for our next one. She is an absolute pleasure to work with, and very attentive to the needs of her clients. Selling a house is a stressful experience, especially when the market is so unpredictable. Her enthusiasm, professionalism and regular communications were excellent and contributed to making it a less stressful experience for both of us. Melina explained all the steps needed and proceeded to walk us through each and every detail. Additionally, her excellent customer service does not end after the transaction. She has helped us before, during and after the purchase and continues to assist and answer any questions we have had about our new home. Overall, Melina is extremely competent, honest and above all flexible and realistic about some of the restrictions we had. We would highly recommend Melina to anyone looking at selling or buying a property in the future.

A. MacCuaig and M. Patterson-MacCuaig

We have so enjoyed working with Melina over the course of the last nine months. As first time home buyers, with fairly flexible options, we weren’t sure what we could expect to find, and Melina gave us lots of room to explore, without putting pressure on us. She always accommodated our viewing requests promptly, and delivered on our urgent requests as well - she even picked us up from work a few times and drove us to viewings on our lunch breaks. We always felt very comfortable discussing our preferences with Melina, and after just a few sessions, she came to understand our tastes. She explained the process and next steps to us in a series of small, digestible portions, so that when we finally found our home we were ready to make an offer and we knew what to expect. Above all else though, we appreciated Melina’s warmth, sincerity and commitment to us. It was always fun to see her, and she was genuinely interested in finding the right place for us. We have already recommended her to our friends, and we’re happy to recommend her more widely.

Shannon M. and Richard A.

Melina’s calm, wise and gentle advice, based on a deep knowledge of the Victoria market and her careful attention to our aspirations, helped us greatly as first-time buyers. Through several viewings and discussions she helped us develop a clear picture of what we needed in a home (size, neighbourhood, features, etc.). As our focus narrowed, she helped us realize that some appealing prospects were not quite right for us, and then she pointed out a listing that we would have missed otherwise, which his now our home. Two months in, we are increasingly confident that we found our best home for our money. Always available when needed, Melina was also a helpful resource through the stresses of negotiating the purchase and conducting inspections. We recommend her as a realtor, especially to those who have children. She was happy to accommodate viewings to our (then) 8 month-old’s schedule; and because Melina has her own children, she could provide great insights to us on different homes and how they might meet our family’s growing needs.

R. & J. Rohrick

We were having trouble finding a new home and time was growing short. We had even begun to doubt our decision to move to Victoria because there seemed nothing available on the market that could fit our very specific criteria. Then we found Melina! She helped us to pinpoint the homes that suited us best, then proceeded to guide us through the searching process in her competent, knowledgeable and always supportive manner. It felt to us - and to a friend with extensive knowledge of house construction who accompanied us - that Melina was truly on our side. She knows the ins and outs of houses, their value on the Victoria market, and can see the pros and cons of each house quickly and efficiently. She provided information about neighborhoods, shopping, buses, roads, and community areas in a way that made it possible for us to accurately visualize what it would be like to live in each house we looked at. Melina also respected the emotional side of the process. She worked hard to put our overworked emotions at ease, and felt like a lovely and professional friend at a time when we very much needed one. When the time came she negotiated terms for us clearly and fairly. She approached everything with a professional but compassionate attitude, looking after our emotional need to feel supported in our search and to provide all the information possible to allow us to make an informed choice. It was a pleasure to work with Melina and she will always be special to us for getting us started so happily here in Victoria. Thanks, Melina!

C. Carter

We really appreciate working with Melina because of her dedication to the task at hand. We have used her services several times in the past few years and always appreciated her professionalism and her undying optimism. Our last sale was during a time when the markets were down, yet Melina managed to promote our property in such a way as to make it most attractive to potential buyers. We feel that both buyers and sellers would definitely profit from an association with Melina, especially in these times of real estate market fluctuations.

N. and D. Ruest

We selected Melina as our realtor initially because she seemed so genuine and knowlegeable about our area. As we worked together to sell our home, we found she was so much more that that. Her relentless pursuit of the sale, her constant attention to our feelings, her communication, her humour, her professionalism, her friendship were only a few of the reasons that we would recommend her without hesitation. She sent us market updates regularly along with words of encouragement. She pulled out all the stops to find a buyer. Despite the ups and downs of the sale process, she never wavered and her confidence was so helpful as we proceeded forward to the final sale. She also helped us into our new home purchase for which we are also grateful. All in all, she's a gem. Thanks kiddo, until next time.

P. and A. Higgs

We recently ended our year and a half-long search for a house in Victoria by buying our forever house with Melina's amazing expertise and help. Yes, it took us well a over a year to find the perfect house, and Melina remained unceasingly positive, cheerful, and extraordinarily patient throughout the long process. And, to make things more complicated, we were house-hunting long distance from Edmonton, so we relied heavily on Melina's deep knowledge of Victoria's neighbourhoods and love of old houses to guide our way. Melina happily looked at houses on our behalf, took our various family members for many showings, sent suggested listings based on her excellent understanding of our needs, and then finally guided us through conducting all negotiations and paper work via email to close the deal. So, even across long distances, Melina's expertise and professionalism made the whole process smooth and painless. Melina is truly delightful to work with: incredibly responsive, ultra professional, warm and cheerful, and very knowledgeable. We consider her not only an expert realtor but a true friend, and it is our pleasure to recommend Melina to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home. Right from the moment we first talked, back when we were looking to find a house to share with Mum, we knew you were a perfect match for us : down–to-earth, connected to the arts community, and a lovely person. It's been beyond delightful to work with you.

Jenny and Glenn

As first-time home buyers, we were fortunate to have found Melina through the recommendation of a friend. Melina really listened to what we were looking for, and patiently walked us through the process of searching and buying a home. Through her own personal and professional experiences, Melina could really relate to what we were looking for - a good family home close to town and near our children's school and friends. Melina was so attentive and took so much initiative, she found us our perfect family home on it's first day on the market, only two weeks after our search began. Her excellent instincts, attention to detail and keen negotiation skills resulted in us narrowly avoiding a bidding war and obtaining our home for a fair price. She even negotiated the inclusion of the lawnmower with the house! In the end, what we had thought might be an impossible task turned in to a very easy and fun experience thanks to Melina Boucher! We would recommend her highly to anyone as a buyer's and seller's agent, and we won't hesitate to work with her again in the future.

M. Sullivan and J. Martin

We met Melina when she was our friends’ realtor. We were so impressed with Melina’s dedication, along with her warm personality that we didn’t hesitate to contact her recently to list our condo. At our first meeting, Melina took the time to listen to our needs, offer her professional advice and present a plan of action. Communication is a key component to Melina. We felt Melina always went the extra mile to showcase our property. Her attention to detail was evident with colourful brochures, a professional video of the property and handouts highlighting all the pluses of our community. Melina provided us feedback after every showing. Her confidence, determination and strong ethics put our minds at ease that she would sell our condo. Her experience and wonderful sense of humor helped reduce our stress. She shared in our excitement when an offer was presented and accepted, and guided us through the sale process to the end. We would recommend Melina to anyone and we would ask her to be our realtor again in a heartbeat!

L. and D. Anderson

Having purchased our home 24 years ago, putting it up for sale in today's real estate market was a somewhat daunting task.  We had planned to interview several realtors and get their assessment of market value for our home.  Fortunately for us, we were referred to Melina, met with her first and never did interview another realtor.  Melina immediately put us at ease with her ability to listen to our circumstances, her wealth of knowledge of the market, her approach to selling our home and her calmness, sense of humour and assurances that it would all be okay. We had thought we were just about ready to list our home, but after 2 hours with Melina and her associate, we had a list of projects and a new appreciation of how to present our home to purchasers - and it paid off! The market assessment that Melina prepared was comprehensive and provided meaningful comparatives and useful information that greatly assisted us in determining a listing price. The final steps before the actual listing were the photos and the brochure - as with everything else in the process, these were extremely well done.  We could not have imagined a better presentation of our home to the market.   Although the above process took a number of weeks, Melina was always available, understanding and very flexible in ensuring that we were comfortable with everything. The preparation was well worth the time and effort as our home sold quickly and at a price near the top of the market range. Melina provided excellent guidance and knowledge in reviewing offers with us.

Our relationship with Melina continued as a couple of weeks after selling we found our next home. We were very confident and comfortable having Melina guide us through the purchase process; first negotiating a fair purchase price, then reading and assessing the volume of strata documents and finally meeting with the property inspector.

S. and D. Fedorak

When I made the decision to purchase my first home, a friend readily recommended Melina as an enthusiastic realtor with a strong knowledge of the Victoria market. She happily met with me, listened intently to my many scattered ideas and helped define a scope that met both my interests and tight budget. Melina's honesty was very apparent from the start, and I always felt as though I was being helped through the process by a friend with my best interests in mind. When I found my ideal condo and decided to make an offer, Melina's skilled negotiating tactics helped in securing an incredible deal. Though it's been several months since the closing date, I still receive the same prompt responses to my questions! Melina is a truly proficient realtor who has an uncanny knack for turning the home-buying process into a fun and enjoyable experience.

M. Polera

I recently bought a home with Melina’s assistance and though I had been through this process twice prior to this purchase, I have not had a more positive experience. Melina was available, professional, knowledgeable and always provided good sound advice. As the purchase of a home can be daunting (to say the least), I was relieved to always be able to reach Melina anytime of day, everyday and even quite late into the evening at times. She is a capable negotiator, fair and honest. I was impressed with the way Melina constructed our offer and presented it to the seller along with a brief introduction of our family and why we all absolutely loved their home. I believe the seller, knowing a bit about us, felt comforted that the new owners would care for their family home as they had, and perhaps they accepted our low offer in part for this reason. I never once felt pressured by Melina and I truly admired her professionalism in dealing with the other realtor. I do not hesitate in recommending Melina to anyone purchasing or selling a home. She exceeded my expectations and her calm, straightforward approach made for a very pleasant experience all around.

S. Krzywicki